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The need to be in contact with nature!

Hello everybody!

Today I feel like talking about this feeling of need to be in contact with nature! Earth nature (woods, ocean, listening to it’s sounds) and our true nature as well!

Since a few years ago, I started to notice that, from time to time, I got a bit “frustrated” and feeling like “need to escape” and I had to go somewhere for a day or two. Sometimes I just go to a different place I’m used to (like a different coffee shop, a different city, even a little detour on my usual way to work) or I really need to “escape” for an entire weekend or more!

That’s what is happening to me right now and has been happening for the last few days! So I stopped and listen to my true nature! And that’s why this weekend I’m going on a little road trip!

This kept me thinking of this need to be in contact with nature and with our true nature. First is the contact with nature… I feel like as “animals” we are the only species that don’t get in touch with nature everyday. We are so disconnected these days! And believe me when I say that I also like the city life! Don’t get me wrong! But there’s a reason for this “need”! I feel like a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed from time to time and we don’t realize why! And I think that a lot of times is the need, as human beings, to stop and realize more important things like breathing, listening, feeling, seeing… I say this because if I go to a walk on the beach or go to the beach and just stare at the ocean and really see the waves, feel the ocean breeze and its’ sent, I feel a lot better right away (usually for me is the beach but it can be a forest or a park)! It makes me feel more grounded, at peace and living in the now!Second, our true nature! The “need to escape” is, for me, a time where I need to focus on myself! I feel the need to go somewhere that I’m not used to or it’s not part of my everyday routines! Take this for example: If you eat the same meal everyday eventually your going to be nauseous! But you can have the same meal and change the seasonings! You have to spice things up! Escape from monotony a little! This is good advice for relationships as well as for our relationship with ourselves! We have to listen to our body and soul and try figure out what is that we need or what’s missing. As for me, once a year I feel the need to see and experience different cultures! Visit new countries! But this is not always possible! But the simple fact of getting in your car and going on a road trip to somewhere new does the job very well! I can open my car window and feel the wind and the air of the different places I pass by. Have you ever noticed that each place has a distinctive and peculiar scent? That’s why we smell something and a lot of memories (good or bad) come attached to a certain kind of scent! We create new memories! This for me is one way to getting in touch with ourselves and our true nature. Has humans we need to experiment things! This is a way to get knowledge! I remember when I was in London for the first time: I still remember all the feelings I had, the smells, the joy of exploring, see new things, new cultures! It was such a fulfilling travel for me that I came home feeling completely refreshed and it took me more than one year to feel the need to explore again!I’m still trying to figure out how and why nowadays there’s so much anxiety, depressions and mental health issues but one of my guesses is the lack of contact with nature and our true nature! Being able to stop and listen! Stop and think! Or just stop! The other day I saw a documentary on Netflix called “Innsaei” and I remember a little boy, that was learning mindfulness at school, saying that he tried to teach and explain this to his mother and that she answered “being still for 5/10 minutes without doing nothing?? that seems boring!” or something like this! I think this is the problem with a lot of people! We are living in a world where “the more you do, the more you have, the more successful you are”! This is so wrong! Have you ever heard of “Less is more”? I feel like our society is being kind of a factory of robots where we just do and don’t question why, it’s just because everyone is doing the same! We really need to stop sometimes and wake up from the automatic world we are living in these days and try to be more in contact with our home – Earth!
And these are my thoughts for this week! Let me know what you think about this topic or if you’ve seen the “Innsaei” documentary and what are your thoughts about it! If you haven’t seen it yet I really recommend you to!


“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein

Much Love,

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