New Year, Great Changes!

Hello everybody!!!

I’m finally back after the Christmas, New Years Eve frenzy! I know we’re already in February (OMG!) but between New Year’s Eve and now I’ve been making some changes in my life! And good ones I hope since I’m feeling great now!

1st – As you can see I’ve changed my blog layout! Yayyy! Finally but some serious work into this and finally it looks more me! I’m so happy with it and proud of my hard work putting this all together! I think I didn’t write more before because I didn’t feel like this was my space! But now it totally is so now I’m going to put an effort of writing every week because I love to get my thoughts out! The topics also changed a bit! For example, as much as I like makeup I didn’t feel like I had something to talk about every week, besides the fact that I don’t wear make up everyday so I felt it was kind of tricking people thinking that I’m some kind of beauty guru! That’s not what I want! I want to be me! The no make up days me, the nerdy me, the creative me, the sometimes traveler me, the holistic me… THE REAL ME! And here I am! Nice to meet you!!

2nd – Another huge change I made was quit smoking! That’s right! I used to smoke! Now I can say that I’m a proud non smoker for a little more than a month! A few months ago I decided to take care of my self (physically and mentally) but I contradicted myself for as I was still smoking and that didn’t felt right! So before the new year I read the book Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr and on the 2nd of January I quitted smoking cold turkey! And it was one of the best decisions of my life so far! I feel so inspired! Even right now as I’m writing about it I feel chills of inspiration in my body!! This is a topic that I’m also going to talk about to share my story and process and help someone out there that wants to quit smoking too and be healthier and happier! I’m so proud of myself is all I can say!

3rd – I started to read a lot!! Believe when I say I was a terrible book reader! Sometimes it took me one year to read an entire book because I lost interest or got bored! And I loved books! So I didn’t understand why I couldn’t stick to a book! But in the last few months I figured out why! It was because I wasn’t choosing the right books for me! I realized that I’m not that into romance or novels but more to science books, self help books or holistic! And omg I devour books now!! Since a little bit before new year’s eve I’ve already read 2 books! For me this is a great accomplishment and now I want to read more and more. Know more and more everyday! This is also going to be a frequent topic here on my blog, because I want to share my points of view of some books or discuss some ideias that I can find in certain books! Sooo be ready!!

4th – I started waking up 2 hours earlier before work so I can meditate, do yoga, have a calm and fulfilling breakfast and walk to work! I have to say that probably because of this mornings are my favorite part of the day now! It’s when I feel most inspired to do everything! This makes me want to fight for my dreams even more because I have a glance of what my mornings could be if I achieve one of my dreams! And this is also a work in progress for achieving that.

Taking little steps at a time, fighting some battles are part of the process of achieving your dreams and even part of being happy! If we don’t struggle, the victory is not going to be as great as it can be! We have to thank for the, sometimes hard, paths that are putted in our way when we are trying to reach something because without them we wouldn’t be where we are and go to where we want to be!

I’m starting to love myself (I figured out I didn’t before) and to love my life and I want it to be meaningful! Not just happy because we can’t be happy all the time, we’re humans!! But we can always do something meaningful to us and/or others everyday!

Hope you enjoyed this little reading about my changes and me and I hope you’ll stick around to follow me on my journey for living a meaningful lifestyle and get inspired!

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
Jimmy Dean

Much Love,

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